Marcy McQuitty received her license in 2002 in Texas. Prior to starting her current career she worked for many years as a Certified Dental Assistant and Certified Implantology Assistant. Her background and training in the medical field provided her with invaluable experience. She also acquired many skills such as proper hand/eye control and the proper way of working with the tools. All of these attributes are important to her Permanent Makeup business and are what make her a very good technician.

Marcy is always careful to allow enough time for each procedure. She sets a high standard for both herself and her work, "I need total satisfaction for each procedure every time." Referrals have become a huge part of her success, keeping each client satisfied with her attention to detail.


“I was all worked up over this, it was so easy.”

-Lori from SD

“How do you get it so perfect?”
-Jodi from IA

“It is the best job I have ever seen, ‘Who is your technician?’”
-Ophthalmologist in IA

“Look, boss at this permanent makeup – it is the best I’ve seen.”
-Tattoo artist at Sturgis from Dallas, TX

“Your permanent makeup looks wonderful.”
-Dermatologist from SD

About Marcy

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